One Life Global Ministries serves the extreme poor in Honduras by providing assistance to low-income families and abandoned children. We engage individuals, businesses, and church organizations to positively impact the lives of the poor, giving them a future and a hope. We strive to raise Godly leaders and to instill in young people a hunger for spiritual and moral excellence. In so doing, we hope to change the future of a country by changing the world, through Jesus Christ, one life at a time.


To restore hope to the poor and destitute through the love of Jesus Christ.
To demonstrate that love by providing spiritual and emotional support.
To provide tools, resources and training, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty.


Imagine being trapped in a web of poverty and starvation. Think of the feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, and helplessness forcing you to scrounge through trash, moldy leftovers, and more indescribable filth just to survive. This is the stark reality of many families that live in the city dump in San Nicolas, Honduras. They are the poorest of the poor in the world, those considered “discards” of society by most.
But there is Hope! For such a time as this, One Life Global Ministries has come. Our Mission is to serve extremely impoverished families by providing food, life skills training, shelter, and orphan care. In so doing, we hope to positively impact the lives of the poor in giving them hope by tangibly demonstrating the love of GOD.

One Life


nutrition and education

Houses of Hope

One of the greatest needs in San Nicolas is shelter. Currently houses are built with scraps found at the city dump.

One Life would like to provide simple homes to families living below poverty lines. These homes will consist of a new roof, concrete floors and cinder block walls. The cost of each home is approximately $5,000. By providing a clean environment to live in, sickness and disease can be lessened, increasing the quality of life for each family.

Home Repairs

One of the greatest needs in San Nicolas is concrete floors and roofs. 30% of the houses in the community are dirt floors,  that bring sickness to the kids and the families, we have been helping 8 families with news concrete floors and 8 with roofs.



One Life is fully committed to empowering communities to be able to improve their living conditions. In less than 5 years, One Life has made a difference in the lives of children and families.

School Water

One Life provided fresh running water to 225 children attending a local school in San Nicolas, Honduras. Additionally, old broken toilets were replaced with new ones. Small changes make a big difference in improving the quality of life for the children and the teachers at the school

Community Water

Today, One Life is making a difference. Together, we have drastically changed the lives of more than 3400 individuals by providing fresh running water through a water well that was built in 2011.


One Life provided over 1500 pairs of shoes to the children in the feeding center and the community
in San Nicolas and Las Mesas.


We hope to provide electricity to more than 40 families living in dire poverty conditions.


One Life support the community by providing benevolence assistant for Medical emergencies and food.


Together we will continue to support the children, youth, and families from the community of  San Nicolas so that they can improve the quality of their life in education, food, housing, and health. All of this with the purpose of knowing that GOD loves them, and no matter their conditions of life are, they are loved by the Heavenly Father and knowing him and become his disciples.

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